Pat Pattison

Summer Seminar Series

These 3-hour seminars will be conducted via Zoom from 4:00-7:00pm EDT.

Pat will present material, followed by Q&A.

Single Seminar:    $100 USD
Package of 3:        $250 USD

Saturday, July 11:

Point of View: Choosing the Best Lens

Illuminate your songwriting: Involve your audience more deeply in your song by creating the most potent lens for them to look through. This seminar will focus on Point of View as a tool, illustrating and understanding all the possible angles for viewing, and their effects on the listener. Choosing the right Point of View is the difference between “Wow!” and “Next.” Let everyone see your songs shine like they should!

Saturday, July 18:

Writing Lyrics to Melody

There's no use writing a great lyric and a great melody if they don't work together. An unfortunate setting of a word or phrase can sink the emotion of the song, calling your listener's attention away from WHAT you are saying to HOW you are saying it. This seminar shows you how to get the most out of your lyrics by combining them accurately and effectively with melody.

Saturday, July 25:

Phrasing: The Body Language of Your Song

This seminar will give you important keys to phrasing your lyrics for the most impact and support of meaning. Working with rhythms and placements, you'll learn how to make sure that the line, like body language, helps to really deliver the emotion you intend. This is another "can't miss" seminar -- it's bound to take your writing to the next level.

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Single Seminar: $100 USD
Package of 3:     $250 USD
Package of 4:     $325 USD
Package of 5:     $400 USD
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