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I'm Available -
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You could use a coat of paint on your front porch rail... I'm available.
Your gutters need cleaning and the garden's full of weeds... I'm available.
Your shutters swing open late at night, It could rain inside your house
If it rained just right
I know cuz I was outside thinking I would check my mail.
Just call.... I'm available.

Well I don't live far and I work real hard, I'm reliable.
Since you just moved in you might could need a friend and I'm compliable.
I could show you all the parks and picnic spots
Teach you how to plant forgetmenots.
When the days get hot I could squeeze us both some lemonade
Hey, hey.... I'm available.

I'm capable, dateable, tryable, inviteable,
hugable, loveable through and through,
Kissable, hitchable, you don't know what your missing,
Listen baby, listen what I'm saying to you,
Undeniable, inescapable, I'm Available.

So don't be shy baby give me a try it's permissible.
We can go so far and those baby blues are irresistible.
Come out with me baby or let me in,
I can play the hero to your heroine.
Baby tell me when we can start to live this fairytale?
Right now, I'm available.

Your so delectable, collectible, caressable, obsessable
I'm liable to try to pull you next to me
I'm seizeable, squeezable, willing to please and,
You'll discover what a lover I'm able to be.

It's indebateable. Is that a word? Indebateable.

And I'm Available.

I'm seizeable, squeezable, willing to please,
You'll discover what a lover I'm able to be,
Undeniable, oh unbelievable,
And I;m Available.

I'm Available I'm Available.

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