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"I just want to thank my first ever songwriting teacher, Pat Pattison, who gave me a great toolbox to use."
- Gillian Welch, acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriter at the 2015 Americana Award
Ross Copperman on Pat Pattison's Book "Writing Better Lyrics"
Master Class 1: Melodic Rhythm & Lyric Rhythm
Stressed Notes as Spotlights
Preserving the Natural Shape of the Language
Melodic Phrases & Lyric Phrases
John Mayer Talking About Pat Pattison
"Not Pretending" by Mark Lee
"Better Way" by Maureen McMullan
Teaching Songwriting Online
Prosody and Tone of Voice
Writing Lyrics to Music
Writing From the Title
Writing Fearlessly
The Best of Berklee Online
"Advanced Lyrics Class Rap" by Justin Schwenk
"Nobody Here To Blame" by Patrick Nagel
Introduction to Prosody
Amy Allen (Halsey, Lizzo, Harry Styles) Receives Songwriting Instruction from Pat Pattison (Berklee)
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