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Upcoming Seminars

This 3-hour seminar will be conducted via Zoom from 4:00-7:00pm EST.

Pat will present material, followed by Q&A.

Pricing: $100 USD

Saturday, January 16, 2021:

Writing From A Title


In this 3-hour seminar we’ll look at how to build a song from a title: how to develop your idea to make your title or chorus grow, set it to appropriate rhythm and tempo, use stressed vowel sounds to brainstorm ideas, find title placement, and develop contrasting sections. These tools will make your writing process more efficient, and your lyrics more effective. This is how Nashville writers write a song every day--sometimes two! 

If you are enrolling in this seminar after 4:00pm ET (USA) on Friday, January 15, please text Brittany (using Whatsapp if outside of the USA) to expedite your registration. 
Seminar Cost: $100 USD

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